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Scanning, research, report writing, conservation.

From War, Richard Blome, 1686.


We carry out secure copying/scanning of archive, text, and images; either on your premises or in our own data workshop.  All material is provided on collection with a 'Passport' , which details every move and action applied to the material and is signed by you as receipt upon return.  Whilst the main aim is to provide a data CD, sorting, cataloging and archival quality packaging, are available as additional services

Lost Hereford buildings.


We have considerable experience in researching topics for exhibitions and books/pamphlets and in sourcing images to illustrate the text - we deal with copyright and permission issues.  We also have long experience of applying these skills to examining the archaeological/historical  importance  of sites where planning permission is to be sought for development,

6" Mk XXIII coastal defence and cast iron standing carriage.


As curators we can also source material/objects needed to illustrate exhibition topics where originals are missing from a collection or no longer extant.  We can also work with excavation collections in cases where the original excavator is no longer available to carry out the task.  Through our associates we are able to provide conservation services.  We specialise in industrial and military material from the  17th. to the 20th.c.  .

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